The Daily Grind: Are you optimistic about WildStar’s future?

Any Kill Bill references you want to make here may or may not be apropos. It's a fine line.

I’m sure this won’t serve as a grand surprise to anyone reading this, but I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of WildStar ever since we saw NCsoft’s financials last week. While it’s all well and good to try and cast the news as a positive by pointing out that it’s nearing the range of City of Heroes in terms of revenue, it behooves us to remember that CoH was unceremoniously shut down. Considering the hostile takeover NCsoft is facing, I think it’s enough to start one seriously thinking about the future.

Sure, I do believe that the team behind WildStar can pull things together and make a successful game, but I worry about the timeframe available for doing that and whether or not any goodwill remains from players. I also wonder whether or not the developers are willing to do what’s necessary and how much feedback has actually been heard. What about you, readers? Are you optimistic about WildStar‘s future? Or do you think the writing is on the wall?

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