MU Online’s mobile companion app introduces a new minigame and kicks off events


Having a companion app for an MMO is a pretty handy thing, especially if you’re a player of MU Online, as the game’s MU Lite companion app lets players get currencies from AI auto-playing and combat repetition features. Now, users of the app can take up a new feature: a minigame called Muun Defense, which sees players build their army strategically and level up their heroes and Muun units to destroy the enemy‚Äôs tower. There’s even a leaderboard for Muun Defense, with the best rewards going to those who are seated at the top.

In addition to MU Lite’s newest feature, the app also has several events running between now and Tuesday, December 14th, including free Exploration Keys, a ranking event that rewards various accessories, and events that boost XP, decrease monster HP, and grant gift boxes. Interested players can take a peek at the MU Online website for more details.

source: press release
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