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And this is why that's not a blobby mess!

Conan Exiles walks through the process of adding texture-rendering middleware late in development

The developers of Conan Exiles had a problem. The game was full of high-resolution textures to paint across the world, thus ensuring that rocks...
That's a lot of people.

Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan on team size and development time

There are around 100 developers working on Overwatch right now. That number comes from director Jeff Kaplan directly in a thread on the game's...
Take the high road in the high tower.

Crowfall discusses the true meaning of ‘pre-alpha’

What is an alpha, really? What's the dividing line between an alpha and a pre-alpha when both are playable? If a game has had...
Wow, hey, stuff.

RIFT’s design team answers player questions on Reddit

In 1964, Bob Dylan released "The Times They Are A-Changin'," and he could very well have been talking about RIFT. Sure, the odds are...
In the grim darkness of whatever, blah blah explosions.

Eternal Crusade’s alpha is meant as a dry run of the live experience

Are you of the mind that Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade jumped into alpha a little bit too early? A new state of the game...
The complex interplay of replying or ignoring accusations.

Star Citizen dismisses ‘feature creep’ concerns, declares Star Marine has NOT been canceled

The year thus far has not been the best possible year for Star Citizen. The game has seen a few people depart from prominent...