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Into the Super-Verse: What to pick for your Incarnate powers in City of Heroes

Last week in Into the Super-Verse, I offered a quick explanation for how you can get started with the process of sorting out the...

Into the Super-Verse: How to get started with Incarnates in City of Heroes

It wasn't so long ago that I mentioned how pleased I was about City of Heroes matching my different intensity and goals after I...
City again.

Into the Super-Verse: Tips for building your character in City of Heroes

I mentioned the other day exactly how much effort I have been putting into my characters at the top end of City of Heroes...
When the lights go down in the city.

Into the Super-Verse: What kind of legs does City of Heroes have in the longer term?

So it's time to start talking about the future of City of Heroes. To be fair, I'm not talking about it from a financial...

Into the Super-verse: How City of Heroes shows its flexibility with how I’ve changed

When City of Heroes waved farewell in 2012, I had an army of alts who were, at most, in their mid-30s. And I loved...

Into the Super-verse: Missing in City of Heroes is part of what makes it hit

It seems like we're never going to be done talking about City of Heroes at this point, and clearly I am here for this....

Into the Super-Verse: So what can Homecoming do with City of Heroes’ Incarnates?

Last week I talked about the major issues that City of Heroes' Incarnate system introduced to the game, and the fact of the matter...

Working As Intended: A guide to City of Heroes Homecoming’s best player-crafted portal bases

A few years ago, I was wandering around in City of Heroes when someone advertised a cool base in chat. All I had to...
hit me

Into the Super-Verse: What’s wrong with City of Heroes’ Incarnate system?

It hasn't been all that long since I said that what City of Heroes needs to focus on right now is not endgame content,...
I need to start taking my own shots here.

Into the Super-Verse: Early SOs pose a perplexing problem in City of Heroes Homecoming

Last week, I talked a bit about how to gear yourself up in City of Heroes. Just yesterday, Bree gave an example for how...

Working As Intended: Yes, you can make money as a newbie in City of Heroes

Something I've heard over and over from commenters and even newbies in City of Heroes Homecoming ever since the official license was announced is...
I did a thing!

Into the Super-Verse: Gearing up as a newcomer to City of Heroes Homecoming

I was originally going to spend this week opining on why the Incarnate system in City of Heroes didn't really work and why it...

Working As Intended: How to mod City of Heroes Homecoming the easy way

If you played City of Heroes a long time ago - or even back in 2019, when its secret server blossomed into a public...

Into the Super-Verse: What City of Heroes needs now is not more endgame content

One of the key discussion points about the City of Heroes revival revolves around what the perception of the game is going to be....

Into the Super-Verse: Rediscoveries I made diving headlong into City of Heroes Homecoming

Last week, I wrote about how my game came back. It was a big deal to me to know that City of Heroes was...

Into the Super-Verse: Reflecting on City of Heroes, back officially at long last

As a dedicated fan of superheroes, I have to be honest that yesterday's news feels downright poetic. City of Heroes died in November of...

Into the Super-Verse: What made Marvel Heroes so special?

This month we mark a particularly sad anniversary in the MMO space: The 10th anniversary of the launch of Marvel Heroes. By all rights,...

Into the Super-verse: Is there any hope left for the future of superhero MMOs?

When we got the news in May that EG7 and Daybreak had canned its in-development Marvel MMORPG, I didn't have much of a reaction....
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Into the Super-Verse: No, I do not want Daybreak’s Marvel MMO

Greetings, true believers! This particular column is actually not the result of reader requests but specifically from our editor, who has long noted that...

Into the Super-Verse: The joy of travel powers in superhero MMOs

I lived for level 14. Before level 14 was torture -- after was bliss. I speak, of course, of City of Heroes "back in the...