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LOTRO’s Mordor expansion will take place after the destruction of the One Ring

When Lord of the Rings Online players finally step foot into the dreaded land of Mordor this summer, they will make one shocking discovery: The One Ring will already be destroyed.

In an interview with MMO-Central, Standing Stone discussed how it made more sense for players’ adventures in Mordor to be set in the footsteps of Frodo and Sam instead of at the same time. But don’t worry, the studio assured fans, there will still be a “tremendous pit of evil” with which to contend and that players will see the penultimate moment of the ring’s destruction (session play perhaps?).

“The reason that we can enter Mordor and not interfere with Frodo and Sam’s mission is because the majority of the Mordor expansion is going to take place after they’ve already gotten to Mount Doom. It would not be appropriate, I don’t think, for adventurers to be gallivanting in Mordor concurrent with Frodo and Sam doing their thing,” Jeff Libby said. “Fairly early on in the expansion, I think you’ll see that things get sorted out in a way, and then Mordor is our oyster.”

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Sit down for an hour with the LOTRO devs

There doesn’t need to be a major release on the horizon to create an excuse to interview MMO devs, are we right? The crew at the Auf ein Bier Games Podcast think so, at least, and have recorded an hour session with two of Turbine’s team members: Jerry Snook and Jeff Libby.

The two devs talk about many of the aspects of creating, running, and wrangling the community of Lord of the Rings Online. How does the team handle being called liars? How do the CMs handle the numerous avenues of communication? What pressures is Turbine under on a regular basis? Tune in after the break and hear the answers to these and more!

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