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Jukebox Heroes is Justin Olivetti’s mad project to review all the MMO music in existence, one soundtrack at a time. [Follow this column’s RSS feed]

Jukebox Heroes: It’s time to turn your MMO’s music back on

We're going to take a detour from our tour of various MMO soundtracks to talk about one of the most common statements I hear...

Jukebox Heroes: The ultimate guide to MMORPG music

It's been a long, strange, and wonderful journey to explore MMORPG music with you here in Jukebox Heroes. And while I am anticipating many...

Jukebox Heroes: LOTRO’s Mists of Wilderland soundtrack

Just in time for Lord of the Rings Online's Update 27, Standing Stone Games finally posted Update 26's full soundtrack to YouTube the other...

Jukebox Heroes: The best of Echo of Soul’s soundtrack

Echo of Soul is one of those MMORPGs that seems doomed to languish and be tossed around from publisher to publisher until it fades...

Jukebox Heroes: The best of Neo Steam’s soundtrack

While there always seems to be much love for steampunk among geeks and gamers, the setting never seems to be the catalyst to instant...

Jukebox Heroes: Lime Odyssey, Yasunori Mitsuda’s hidden gem

Even the most casual of video game soundtrack fans must know the name Yasunori Mitsuda. The legendary composer is perhaps best known for his...

Jukebox Heroes: Lord of the Rings Online’s unreleased soundtrack

Lord of the Rings Online's soundtrack is well-loved by many who have played the game, tying in memorable tunes to specific locations to where...

Jukebox Heroes: Warframe’s soundtrack

I'm always keeping an ear out for recommended soundtracks from our readers here at Massively OP, and one that seems to get pushed my...

Jukebox Heroes: Star Stable’s secretly amazing soundtrack

If we ever mention Star Stable around these parts, it's usually with a bit of tongue-in-cheek. You know, "Hee hee, horsies!" said by middle-aged...

Jukebox Heroes: Ten MMOs that strongly support their soundtracks

It's one thing to put a lot of music in your MMORPG or even to release that launch-day album. It's another thing entirely to...

Jukebox Heroes: Elder Scrolls Online’s Elsweyr soundtrack and music boxes

While I wasn't that impressed with Elder Scrolls Online's launch soundtrack, the scores for both Morrowind and Summerset did much to win me over....

Jukebox Heroes: The best of Furcadia’s soundtrack

Back in 2017, I bit the furry bullet and tackled the oddity that was Fucadia -- a very old MMORPG that just so happened...
This one hurts.

Jukebox Heroes: The best of Otherland’s soundtrack

Despite being an adaption of Tad Williams' enormously popular sci-fi novels, the MMO Otherland was a flop in both of its incarnations. Mismanaged, underdeveloped,...

Jukebox Heroes: A Charlie Brown MMO Christmas

I don't know if you realized this, but every year Bree asks me to whip up a column of MMO holiday tunes for Christmas....

Massively OP’s 2019 MMO Video Game Music Awards

Many of us here on the Massively OP staff have our own personal pet projects and interests that might not be as widespread as...

Jukebox Heroes: The best of Grim Dawn’s soundtrack

While I might be too late for 2019's Halloween season, I think I can safely get a jump on 2020's fright fest with a...

Flameseeker Chronicles: The best of Guild Wars 2’s Living World soundtrack

One of my earliest impressions of the Guild Wars franchise, before I even owned it, but had only played it at a friend’s house,...

Jukebox Heroes: The best of Ys Online’s soundtrack

Stretching back to the late 1980s, the Ys role-playing series has had a long and fruitful run, with nearly five million copies of its...

Jukebox Heroes: The best of Fallout 76’s musical score

Last week, composer Inon Zur took to Twitter to celebrate a big moment: "Dear Friends, Fallout 76 has been nominated for Best Original Video Game...

Jukebox Heroes: Exploring World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth’s patch music

One of my favorite modern trends of MMORPGs is that studios are no longer saving the entirety of a soundtrack for the base game or expansion releases. Oh sure, those usually get a great album push -- especially if it's one of the bigger games -- but for a while now, many studios have also been releasing new music on a steady basis with significant content patches.