politics and gaming

League of Legends is blocked in Iran and Syria due to US embargo laws

The politics of the real world have impeded the possible solace or distraction of a video game. It appears that League of Legends...

US Senator Bernie Sanders publicly offers support for game worker unionization

That dull, wooden hammering you hear in the background is the attachment of planks to platforms. With the US 2020 presidential campaign season drawing...

The Daily Grind: How do you and your guild handle political discussions inside MMOs?

I'm genuinely curious about this one, so indulge me. From my vantage, it's seemed to me that casual discussion of politics inside MMOs has...

CNN alleges that Russia used Pokemon Go to try to spread dissent in the USA

It always gets a bit bumpy when politics, international intrigue, and video games collide, so hold on for this one. According to CNN, Russia's...