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Lawful Neutral: Assessing the privacy policies governing World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV

It never fails to surprise me just what some people will say in general chat in an MMO. They'll say things they would never...
why does this continue

The ESRB seeks a COPPA provision to let apps scan children’s faces for age verification

You might have heard the legal disclaimer "ask your parents' permission before going online" in some advertisements aimed at children, which is understandable because...

Microsoft is hit with $20M fine for collecting the personal information of children on Xbox

Microsoft has earned the ire of the US Federal Trade Commission and has been slapped with a $20M fine by the government agency for...

EU Parliament adopts resolution to regulate games industry harms from lockboxes to manipulative design

Call them lockboxes, lootboxes, gambleboxes, or gachapon: The European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly to adopt a resolution "ensuring a safe online environment for online...
why does this continue

FTC orders Epic Games to pay $520M for privacy violations and deceptive ‘dark patterns’ in Fortnite

Epic Games has just received a walloping from the US Federal Trade Commission in the form of two massive payout settlements for violating the...

How video game player data collection processes have expanded outside of gaming

The EULA - aka the wall o' text that we all blitz past in order to get to play the MMORPG or multiplayer title...

Indie MMO Starborne accidentally exposes alpha tester contact info in email blast

If you participated in the alpha for indie MMORTS Starborne, you might wanna check your email: Multiple alpha participants are now reporting that they...
No, you can't be quite this evil.

Steam Spy is done for – unless Valve reverses course

Did you like having a clue how well games were really doing in terms of population on Steam? That might be coming to an...

BattlEye clarifies anti-hacking program and privacy to ARK players

After ARK: Survival Evolved players expressed some concerns about the new anti-hacking program BattlEye and its EULA, a BE dev took to the survival...
Great old.

The Secret World’s subscriber badge reward unwittingly provokes dismay

The Secret World's recent membership status tweaks have more than a few players up in arms. A 450+ post thread on the official forums chronicles...