sword and bored

Sword and Bored is an original MMORPG comic by artist Larry Everett and writer Jef Reahard. It stars Mo, the Massively Overpowered mascot, and its 2015 run was made possible by those who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign and hit our chief stretch goal. As the comic’s silent protagonist, Mo explores the oftentimes ridiculous tropes and memes of MMORPGs genre that those of us who play them too often take for granted. The archive below will allow you to peruse all the strips, or you can click over to the very first comic and navigate in-post through each edition. [Follow this comic’s RSS feed]

Sword and Bored special edition birthday comic: ‘Anniversary gifts’

Mo helps us celebrate the site's birthday by opening an anniversary gift inside his MMO.

Sword and Bored: Rage quit

Mo disconnects from his game in an epic rage quit for our 2015 comic finale.

Sword and Bored: Dye job

Mo demos his MMO's new dye combos for his most discerning buddy Amilya.

Sword and Bored: Alt

Thanks to his friend Amilya, Mo has finally rolled up an alt -- but has he really?

Sword and Bored: The seams of the world

Mo is finally rescued from his free-fall, but that's not the end of his team's troubles.

Sword and Bored: Customer service

Mo learns there's a fate worse than falling through the world: dealing with customer service!

Sword and Bored: World clipping

Mo falls through the cracks in the world and struggles to save himself from his MMO.

Sword and Bored: Ready check

Mo joins his first raid. The first boss fight has been explained and everyone is ready, right? Right?

Sword and Bored: Costume designer

Mo gets to mess around with his MMO's cosmetic outfit system. Amilya "helps" him, of course.

Sword and Bored: Player bounties

Mo has made many friends while playing his MMO, but there is always that one friend he can count on... right?

Sword and Bored: To the rescue

Mo deals with the effects of a PvP flag while trying to evade players and NPCs during his escape from town.

Sword and Bored: TEF

Mo dumps his loot at a junk vendor and learns all about temporary enemy flagging.

Sword and Bored: Player housing

Mo is introduced to MMO player housing... and why some people find it frustrating.

Sword and Bored: Jumping puzzle

Mo and Amilya tackle a new jumping puzzle in the recent expansion to their MMO.

Sword and Bored: Offline activities

Mo's player steps away for a bit and decides to gain XP by doing some offline activities.

Sword and Bored: Pub roleplay

Mo's companion Amilya stops into the local pub to get a quick drink. Can't a woman just get a drink already?!

Sword and Bored: Expansion

An expansion released for Mo's game, and Amilya is excited to show him -- maybe too excited.

Sword and Bored: Trolling the trolls

KaptainKuddles and DrL0v3 are at it again, but this time Mo and Amilya know how to troll the trolls.

Sword and Bored: Fishing

Mo finally finds something in his MMORPG that consumes all his time... all his time.

Sword and Bored: Re-trolling

The nefarious underwear ninjas KaptianKuddles and DrL0v3 continue their griefing campaign. Mo's tanking buddy AnneSpanc co-stars.