unity fee mess

Unity sheds another 1800 workers from all of its departments in latest layoff round

The contraction of Unity that occurred through last January, May, and November looks to be continuing into this year, as the game engine developer...

Unity CEO John Riccitiello resigns after nearly a month of self-inflicted corporate drama

It probably won't come as a shock, but after all the Unity drama sparked almost exactly a month ago, Unity CEO John Riccitiello is...

The Soapbox: The real cost of breaking trust with gamers

There's a quote going around these days in gaming spheres about trust being like a broken vase that can be fixed but will never...
Good job!

Unity finally apologizes to game devs with latest round of fee concessions

Unity has delivered what is essentially its latest round of concessions to the gaming industry after nearly two weeks of uproar over its originally...

Terraria dev commits $200,000 plus monthly donations to open-source engine Unity rivals

It would be really great if the Unity situation would stop being a big ol' industry-wide garbage fire, but alas, it is not this...

Unity’s leaked install fee concessions include a fee cap, self-reporting, and end to retroactivity

As we've been reporting, Unity upended the entire gaming industry last week by announcing crushing new per-game-install fees for developers, a decision that not...

Unity promises ‘changes’ to its deeply unpopular install fee policy after a week of backlash

The intense backlash over Unity's decision to assign staggering new per-install fees to game studios last week probably made last night's admission inevitable: At...

Unity’s runtime fee scheme sees game devs shut off Unity ads and employees turn in resignations

The tire fire of Unity's decision to impose "runtime fees" on studios that use the engine continues to burn bright and hot. Game developers...

Unity asks game studios to trust its download estimates, closes offices over death threat

As the bulk of the gaming industry unites against Unity's new "runtime fees," the company is continuing to spin the fees as a smart...

Unity begins backtracking on new runtime fees, but it hasn’t addressed indies

Yesterday, we covered Unity's surprise announcement that it was instituting a "runtime fee" that would charge developers as much as 20 cents per download...

Unity is adding excessive new per-install fees – game developers aren’t having it

Unity has been struggling with its public and corporate relations over the course of 2023, first with multiple rounds of mass layoffs that cut...