Revelation Online will have its own anime movie

Revelation Online isn’t even officially out yet in the west, but the fantasy MMO has already spawned an anime film of its own.

The movie was announced at NetEase’s own fan festival to be a motion picture event in China sometime in 2017. We don’t know much more about the film, including whether or not it is slated for an English release, but at least the studio released a short teaser trailer that you can watch after the break.

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The film is a disaster apart from the orcs themselves.
But your review looses credibility if you can’t even distinguish high elves from nigh elves. The critic played for 6 months (one of the casuals that comes and goes to bolster the 12M subs) but clearly never really digged deeper into the massive amount of lore of this IP. Shame however that he is right, this movie is very lackluster and makes absolutely no justice to the books or warcraft history. It’s a washed out summer movie. Watch all latest movies and TV shows for free on FreeFlix HQ app.