Take a primer on Revelation Online’s character paths

Hands up if you’re already in Revelation Online’s open beta early access! Anyone waiting until next week to try it out then? Are you reserving judgment until more reviews are in? In any case, why not go through a brief primer on one of the key ways you’ll grow your toon, with character paths.

The dev team said that this system is mandatory if you play: “Character paths are unavoidable for players that want to become the best and reach the very top of their rank. Not only do they provide additional stats, they also increase the amount of skill cultivation your character can learn — which is essential.”

Character progression paths begin at level 29 and involve six stages that go up through level 79. You’ll also have to accomplish missions, get a couple of travel skills, and meet other requirements to “break through” the paths and unlock these improved abilities. It sounds a little convoluted, but it’s probably one of those systems that makes sense once you see it in practice in the game itself.



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Wendigo Runner

I played the closed beta and didn’t see anything that made me want to buy a founder’s pack or such. The game was largely a standard free to play MMO, but the unlimited flight was a very nice feature. Like Aion but without the silly flight restrictions.

But it’s My.com. I’m hesitant about them after Skyforge, and Revelation’s item mall had some serious pay to win items. Things can change from beta and I’m not actively following the game to get info from early access players. On the other hand I ‘d be surprised if it did change.

Plus so much of the game was in Mandarin (I’m guessing?) that I’m skeptical that they could have translated all of it by release.

The game may have a lot of promise, I don’t know, but the publisher? Maybe not so much..

Ashfyn Ninegold

Skyforge had serious problems at launch. Updates last year improved it significantly. But unless I’m wrong, Skyforge is Russian made, and Revelations Online is obviously Chinese.

Nonetheless, they are both ‘premium’ games, which means you get major buffs for buying subscription items through the cash shop. In Skyforge, however, you can pretty much coast indefinitely in premium through game rewards. Don’t know about RO yet. I’d recommend Skyforge to anyone looking for a good hack n’ slash. It’s my alternative to D3.

Wendigo Runner

Basically this. Skyforge was a mess and deliberately grindy in the beginning. My.com flirts too much with pay 2 win designs which is why I’m hesitant about them, and the stuff in their item mall for RO was anything but reassuring.


Have yet to see anyone that is/has played this recommend it to me. I was tempted, but just not buying into game early access/pre-release anymore. Wasted so much money on these.


I’ll recommend it to you. There, now you can’t say that anymore. However, I’d recommend you wait until after head start ends so you don’t have to spend any money on it since you appear jaded about that!


It sounds a little convoluted, but it’s probably one of those systems that makes sense once you see it in practice in the game itself.

What I read sounded down right byzantine. Also can anyone tell me whether or not the game is fully translated yet? I really don’t want to bother with it till it’s fully translated.

You know one of the things I love about Conan Exiles is I get a stick tie a rock to it and bash things over the head with it till they stop twitching, nice and simple.

Ashfyn Ninegold

It is. Put your left foot in, put your left foot out . . . do the hokey pokey. Cough up cash.

It is absolutely impenetrable if you’re not a closed beta player or haunter of the forums. Whenever there’s a question, the game helpfully tells you to check the Revelation Help. The helpful suggestion is in English, the Revelation Help is not. Dulfy makes a fairly good stab at it on her site, which will put you to sleep trying to wade through it.

And let’s not forget the odd UI translation that makes little sense in English common parlance. Making things like wardrobe and dying really hard to find and get a handle on.

Having said all that, this game is a hoot. Bright, cheerful palette in common areas and most sinister colors in dungeons. Combat is very well done and enjoyable with choice of combat modes, which you can switch on the fly. I despise auto pathing in most Asian games I’ve played, but this one isn’t overbearing, just there if you need it.

Game is heavily story driven, with lots of dialogue panels. Plenty of dailies of different kinds to keep you happy, daily dungeons starting right off, which can be solo’d or grouped.

And while you can fly at level 29 (which takes like 10 seconds to get to), you can dash at level 1, which when you get it down is faster than riding a horse. Still, you get wings and a horse free when you level and do the easy peasy quests.

They have done a lot to try to explain the game with helpful on screen and voice over suggestions, but it doesn’t go nearly far enough to pierce the veil of complexity surrounding things like crafting and skill points.

But regardless of how much you like or dislike the game THE CHARACTER CREATION IS WORTH THE DOWNLOAD. Yes, yes it is. One of the most robust and satisfying I’ve ever seen. With bonus that your character actually looks in game like it does in creation. Don’t forget the abs, because the Hot Springs are shirtless.

One cannot put a high enough price on having your awesome, robust manly figure dashing about mightily slaying muskox with a Bovine Buddy on your head and a playful cat bag on your belt.


It’s not fully translated. Quest dialog and such is fine leveling up to 20-ish, though I don’t know if that continues through the whole game. There are quite a few UI pieces I’ve seen that aren’t translated though – loot roll window, the daily login calendar/reward screen, and another major one I’m forgetting now. I think it was one of the life path or optional skill windows?

Anyways yeah, this is not a 100% translation, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that more quest dialog at higher levels is untouched.

Melissa McDonald

lolz at the screencap. “fat guy with a little head” (Chris Farley voice)


And some shoulderpads so big that WoW’s armor designers are likely blushing.


I’m glad somebody else mentioned them. Everyone was acting as if it was completely normal.