Cyberpunk sandbox MMO Exile Online launches new crowdfunding effort

Don’t count cyberpunk sandbox MMO Exile Online out just yet. While the game’s Kickstarter didn’t meet its $45,000 goal last year, its developers continued work and are now rolling out GoFundMe campaign in its place.

“After our initial Kickstarter campaign did not receive the full funding, we realised we needed to do a lot more work,” the team wrote on Facebook. “This is our first in a series of planned phases of funding on Gofundme. We have decided to divide our goals up into milestones rather than seeking one huge lump sum. This way we can complete planned and announced milestones and prove to our pledges that their funding is being used wisely. The pledge levels will remain largely the same as before and we will increase the pledge levels at a later date to include the larger ones.”

Most recently, the devs have released a stream of updates on Facebook focusing on maps and says it’s “been making great progress on the mission system.”

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5 Comments on "Cyberpunk sandbox MMO Exile Online launches new crowdfunding effort"

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I’ll give you guys some money if you pick a different name.

Alfredo Garcia
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Alfredo Garcia

They need to change the game’s name, like yesterday. If the current title is the best result of the developer’s creativity, and marketing acumen, I just can’t even be bothered.


Interesting idea. Doesn’t look like my vision of a cyberpunk future. Too cel-shaded and bright.

Kickstarter Donor

Interesting I must have missed this one the first time around. I’m not a fan of using GoFundMe, but I find cyberpunk interesting….wish we had more games in that vein


I agree. I love Cyberpunk but I do not like RTS or Turn Based Strategy games, need more Cyberpunk in other game types.