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The Black Death backs up and unloads a dump truck of beta info

No skimpy dev diary for you today, Black Death fans, because this studio is getting downright serious about sharing its progress on the beta of this medieval survival sandbox.

The Black Death’s dev team is obviously going flat-out these days if this post is any indication. Large AI improvements are in the works for NPCs that changes based on their type (beggars will ask for gold, spearmen will flank, etc.). Finding resources will be easier now that the beta has “fully procedural” spawns popping up based on where players are moving.

Other projects include the change from item quality to rarity, equipment slots for characters, a better UI, and improved visuals. This build should be loaded onto the beta test server already, so players can run it through its paces this week.


Closers sets a February 6 launch date

Need some color and tall tales to wipe away the greyscale weather? Closers contains 350% of the RDA of vibrant colors and nutritious stories, and it can all be yours when the game launches next month on Steam.

En Masse Entertainment announced the official release date of February 6th today, at which time the publisher will bring Closers out of open beta testing and into the live environment for good. This action-packed MMO that centers around a group of futuristic high school students going on adventures in Neo-Seoul.

As players move through the game’s narrative, they’ll eventually find themselves facing off against Closers’ first raid — which, in a coincidence, is also launching on February 6th. The Tiamat raid tosses players into a Nightmare World in a quest to put an end to the Queen of Nightmares. Get a look at the raid below!

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Fortnite explains why you can’t frag your friends any longer

Are you upset, happy, or ignorant about last week’s move to disable friendly fire in Fortnite? While griefers are probably sobbing into their Wheaties over it, the devs hope that it will impact the game for the better.

Lead Systems Designer Eric Williamson explained why the team thought that this change had to happen: “We made this change to reduce the amount of intentional team killing that’s possible. We’re keeping an eye on how it affects folks across the skill spectrum, and we’ll continue to evaluate.”

In addition to talking about the friendly fire issue, the team’s last two dev updates discussed a new map exploit that was hotfixed, battle pass bonuses, global inventory, player movement, and player stamina. Give them a watch after the break!

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Massively OP Podcast Episode 154: A Prime experiment

On this week’s show, Bree and Justin hit up a week of huge MMO news, including Camelot Unchained’s investments, RIFT’s new subscription server, Devilian’s demise, and more!

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

Listen to the show right now:

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Closers welcomes players to the sky ship

En Masse’s Closers is sprinting through open beta these days, and with today’s patch, there’s more to test and enjoy than ever.

The Sky Bridge hub arrives with this update, bringing a whole bunch of new quests, challenges, and crafting events for players to experience. The hub coincides with a level cap increase to 70, so either the developer is really pumping out the content or the western version is catching up with its eastern counterpart.

To get players up to speed — and up to the level cap — Closers is running a pair of bonus events over the next two weekends. In addition, anyone who gets up to level 70 by February 5th will receive a care package with a superclocked equalizer, a random epic skill cube, and a victory talisman box. There’s also celebration box for all players to get just by logging in after the patch updates today.

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Broke Protocol adds a chase cam and armored car for your epic escapades

There can never be too many ways to check yourself out, which is why department store changing rooms have all of those mirrors. It’s also why Broke Protocol, the blocky crime simulator, has added a chase camera option to the mix in a recent update.

“Accurate shooting from this position is not supported to prevent rampant wallpeeking but it does offer a nice change of perspective and a GTA-style feel to the game,” the team said.

And with a new camera, how about some new toys for your crime sprees? The Heavy Armor update is adding an armored car (more of a tank, really) for both good and bad guys to use. The patch also upgrades the physics to include push back on explosions, so the team said to expect to see bodies flying through the air on a more regular basis.

Source: Steam #1, #2


Shroud of the Avatar cries wolf (upgrades), attends emulator anniversary party

Not satisfied with Shroud of the Avatar’s storebought wolves (seriously), Portalarium decided to breed, er, rebuild its own creatures from the ground-up. The new and improved wolves, who will most definitely huff and puff and blow your $500 house down, are coming in this month’s Release 50.

In this past weekend’s developer update, the team also discussed the making of the lava-strewn Sunless Barrens and showed off the new Watermill home that’s being added to the game store.

And how about some incredibly pink Valentine’s Day decor? A few items are being included in Release 50, such as a heart-shaped tub and gift boxes. The patch is already in testing and will be coming to live on Thursday, January 25th.

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Swivel guns and a wipe are making their way to Worlds Adrift

Despite reportedly struggling with issues caused by Worlds Adrift’s 0.1.5 patch, the team is forging ahead with the next update. It’s still a week or two away, but a preview of the patch notes are up, and they include some new weaponry for players to slap on the side of their airships.

Yes, we’re talking about swivel guns. Swivel guns are deck-mounted shotguns that might not have the range to be effective against other ships, but they are incredibly deadly against fleshy creatures that might attempt to board your vessel.

Other changes coming with 0.1.6 are the ability to have up to three characters on an account, newbie tooltips, and lots of additional visual and special effects.

The team also said that testers should expect a wipe in the near future: “The anticipated wipe is still coming and will be one of a few to follow, however the reason behind the delay has mainly been due to the new world and island implementation taking incredibly long to export, making the devs step back and re-access the previously planned implementation approach.”

Source: Patch notes


Kings and Heroes may deliver that satisfying dungeon crawl you’ve been craving

The very definition of a game in stealth mode, Kings and Heroes is a title that traveled from early access to launch in 2017 without drawing much attention to itself at all. The buy-to-play MMOARPG released in November of last year with seven fantasy races and five classes.

Since then, Kings and Heroes’ first major post-launch update was published last month right before Christmas. Performance issues were tackled, difficulty restrictions on certain dungeons were lifted, werewolves showed up in the world, and NPC pathing in dungeons were removed.

Should you give it a try? PCGamesN wrote a piece that argued for a very fresh and inventive in its dungeon crawls despite a lackluster opening experience: “Its boon is that it actually uses procedural generation very well. Instead of repeating the same handful of dungeons over and over again, repeat visits to the same one retain some of the surprise and tension of your first. Using tilesets of different designs, each visit feels familiar but different enough to keep your wanderlust topped up.”

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Neverwinter previews the Lost City of Omu

Lost temples. Cat lords. Trickster gods. Players who venture into Neverwinter’s upcoming Lost City of Omu module are in for one wild, weird ride.

Cryptic posted a short but tantalizing preview of this update this week while bringing everyone up to speed on the story so far. The lost city is deep inside the jungles of Chult, which players have already bushwacked through in the Tomb of Annihilation module. A base camp nearby has been established with a handful of friendly NPCs, including Dwarf Ord Firebeard.

“What dangers lurk within the crumbling walls of the cursed city of Omu?” the studio teased. “What must be done to earn the favor of the trickster gods? How did Makos come back from the dead, and what role does he play in Acererak’s schemes? And what evil must they face in the hidden depths of the Tomb of Annihilation?”

Source: Neverwinter


EVE Online community donates 3.7 million PLEX to family of fallen developer

Last fall, one of EVE Online’s senior software engieers passed away at the age of 35, leaving a hole in the team’s heart. While the studio created a special ship SKIN to memorialize CCP Blaze, there was more that the company and community felt that could be done.

Funds were raised to support his fiancée and one-year-old daughter which resulted in an “astonishing, unparalleled” success. The community donated over 3.7 million PLEX — $119,828.50 — to the family, making it the second-largest fundraiser ever to happen in CCP’s history.

“It’s honestly not possible for us to find words that would accurately convey the gratitude we feel to our pilots,” CCP said. “Once again, the EVE community has shown that despite differences in game, our pilots are a formidable, and indestructible force for good.”

Source: EVE Online


The MOP Up: Battlerite’s magnificent magician (January 21, 2018)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

Maybe you’ll discover a new game in this space — or be reminded of an old favorite! This week we have stories and videos from WakfuFortniteAstroneerOld School RuneScapeOverwatchPokemon GoLineage 2 RevolutionPUBGDefianceBattlerite, and Path of Exile, all waiting for you after the break!

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Ancient Siberia tasks you with surviving as a kid in a mythical Russian realm

We have certainly seen quite a few multiplayer survival sandboxes cross our screens, but it is hard to recall if one set in a mythical Russian past was ever up for discussion. Well there is one now, thanks to the early access debut of Ancient Siberia this past December.

Ancient Siberia takes place in the Great Tartary, a fantasy-flavored Slavic realm that incorporates magic and myths. Players start out as a child and will grow from there, gradually becoming an adult and accessing PvP and greater options. It’s billing itself as a mix between survival sandbox and MMORPG, so fans of both types of games might see something of interest here.

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