Elite: Dangerous gives a glimpse at its future at Lavecon

Even as E3 rages on, the recent Lavecon has closed its doors for another year. The player-led gaming and geek convention continues to feature Elite: Dangerous and the rest of the Elite franchise as its tentpole, which means that we got a lot of new information about the MMOPRG out of it.

Panels on the game discussed features and upcoming changes involving mining, exploration, and art. Pilots will be getting new tools to crack open those asteroids for their sweet payout, not to mention new sensor probes to take a look at bodies in space long before a ship gets there. The community also got an opportunity to ask a bunch of pressing questions to the developers.

Take a look at some of the screenshots and the Frontier panel below!

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Elite Dangerous lessens RNG frustration and promotes interstellar tourism

In the latest Elite Dangerous newsletter, the developers said that even more adjustments are coming to smooth out the rocky Engineers update and lessen the grind and RNG frustration. One of the most promising changes is that planetary materials will be easier to obtain — and in greater quantities.

If surveying and mining isn’t your thing, you might want to consider interstellar tourism as a future career. “One aspect of Passenger Gameplay will be Tourism, so we’re building a massive database of the best tourist hotspots in the galaxy,” the devs teased.

Elite Dangerous pilots have been invited to attend the upcoming Lavecon 2016, which will take place on July 16th and 17th in Northants, UK. And speaking of the community, we’ve got a strange and mysterious Elite exploration video by MOP reader PhoenixDfire to share with you after the jump!

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Elite: Dangerous looks ahead to 1.4 ‘CQC Championship’ patch

Elite: Dangerous has held its first dedicated convention and is already racing ahead to its next major update. “We’re looking at weeks, rather than months as has been speculated,” Frontier says. The central focus of patch 1.4 — close-quarter combat — was discussed at E3, but the development team this weekend debated a few further inclusions beyond that central feature set that should be of interest to dedicated players. For example, the update will bring new ships along with it for those of you tired of flying the same old thing through the galaxy.

Discussion was also had regarding allowing minor player-controlled factions to become bigger players in the game’s environment along the lines of the existing NPC factions. Anaconda pilots will be happy to know that the ship’s power plant will be slightly more difficult to destroy now, following feedback that it’s just too easy to disable the ship with a solid shot. More details are set to be released soon, but fans have already had their appetites whetted.

Source: Development Update; thanks to Phoenix for the tip!