Elite: Dangerous gives a glimpse at its future at Lavecon


Even as E3 rages on, the recent Lavecon has closed its doors for another year. The player-led gaming and geek convention continues to feature Elite: Dangerous and the rest of the Elite franchise as its tentpole, which means that we got a lot of new information about the MMOPRG out of it.

Panels on the game discussed features and upcoming changes involving mining, exploration, and art. Pilots will be getting new tools to crack open those asteroids for their sweet payout, not to mention new sensor probes to take a look at bodies in space long before a ship gets there. The community also got an opportunity to ask a bunch of pressing questions to the developers.

Take a look at some of the screenshots and the Frontier panel below!

Elite Dangerous 2.4 Screens (from LaveCon2017 stream)

Source: Reddit, #2. Thanks Colin!
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