Elite Dangerous recounts Lavecon 2022, current community goals, and player-run events


The past couple of newsletters coming out of Elite: Dangerous have been generally tame but no less informative, as the devs have cast spotlights on this year’s Lavecon meetup event, community events, and spaceship headlights.

Earlier this month saw fans come together in-person for Lavecon 2022, which was where Frontier Developments held its most recent Frameshift Live discussion. The devs did state that Lavecon would not be a place for any major announcements, but a couple of points brought up during Frameshift Live involving Guardian sites and destructive AI likely raised some player eyebrows, especially when one of the devs warning against “talking too much” about things they couldn’t reveal. YouTube channel The Buur Pit has put together a summary of the event.

As for more recent news, Elite talked up the latest pair of community goals occurring in HIP 22460, drew attention to a player-run race event, and nodded in the direction of some newly added Hazard Pack cash shop items that lets players cover certain industrial-minded spaceships in industrial-strength headlights.

sources: official site (1, 2), YouTube
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