Elite Dangerous unveils a new tutorial and a new currency for September, teases fleet carriers for December


This past Saturday was something of an announcement carpet bombing from the folks at Elite: Dangerous. At Lavecon, the team introduced the first reveals for the space sandbox’s September update including a new in-ship starting tutorial and a new virtual currency, and then pulled the curtain off of the new fleet carrier ship type arriving in December.

First, the September update: Building on new user onboarding updates that begin in April, the September update will bring a guided hand to your first in-game ship. This new fully voiced tutorial will guide players through every fundamental needed to pilot successfully, from scanning to combat to supercruise to navigation.

In addition, September will see the arrival of Arx, a new virtual currency that works much the same as Frontier Points do for console players. This new platform-wide currency will not only bring parity for every system Elite can be played on but also let everyone get a chance to buy some shiny livery and other cosmetics by completing in-game activities. For those who’d like to dig in deeper, there’s an FAQ here.

Finally, fleet carriers. There’s not much information available yet, as all we’re getting is word that they’ll be a thing in December, but the devs promise more details on both this ship type and what’s arriving in September in the very near future. For now, feast your eyes on that tasty teaser below.

source: official forums, thanks to Cotic for the tip!
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