RuneScape’s Land Out of Time has launched – check out the trailer


It’s a big day for RuneScape: Land Out of Time is dropping for the original-flavor game. Well, the most original-flavor version of the game you can get right now. Except Old School RuneScape, which is sort of even more original but also not. You know, let’s just get to the update because dinosaurs. “Unfortunately these are not the cuddly ‘oh look at that cheeky chap, quick, let me take a selfie’ type, but are instead the ‘oh my look at the size of the thing, wait, is it looking at me and licking its lips?’ type,” Jagex warns.

“There is much interest in a mysterious island that dragonkin scientist Kerapac has escaped to, taking with him an elder artefact of tremendous power. If you’re to survive your journey there – and profit from its many rare treasures – you’re going to have to up your game and learn a whole new way of hunting. To get to The Land Out of Time either board the boat at the Digsite or talk to Royal Messengers hanging around the lodestones. The Land Out of Time is only accessible for RuneScape members.”

Players will be contending with new training methods for the hunter skill, an agility-centric training course over the new island, new elite slayer creatures, upgradeable player base camps, totems, and more. The official trailer is up too, and we’re absolutely loving the Jurassic Park-style music themes. Cute.

Source: Official site, patch notes, month ahead
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