Blue Protocol’s new trailer shows a vibrant world of adventure

Commence the jiggling.

Could Japan be making the next great MMO? It’s hard not to feel a spark of hope flare up when watching the debut trailer for Blue Protocol, Bandai Namco’s newly announced sci-fi title.

The world of Blue Protocol is easy on the eyes, with a cel-shaded anime style layered on top of landscapes that are at once both familiar and alien. In fact, it’s hard to determine how much of this game leans toward the science fiction genre and how much borrows from traditional fantasy, but there does look to be a mix of the two in play.

Bandai Namco is currently assembling 500 players for a closed alpha test. You can watch the debut trailer after the break!

The studio also demonstrated the character creation sliders for those looking to min/max their proportions:

Source: Twitter via Eurogamer
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