The Daily Grind: Is there any IP that would get you into MMOARGs?

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I get why MMO players are tired of hearing the word “mobile” in association with our genre, but I’m not prepared to give up on them entirely. While most of the ones we have suck in terms of their monetization, longevity, immersion, mechanics, and controls (so, yeah, in terms of everything), there’s no reason they can’t be done well. MMOARGs are a fantastic example of a type of MMO I would be willing to play on my phone precisely because they wouldn’t really work anywhere else.

Except… I got bored of Ingress and its endless cheating problems long ago. Pokemon has never been my thing, so Pokemon Go holds no appeal to me. I missed the Harry Potter craze somehow too, plus HPWU turns out to be a not very great example of the genre. I know there are other MMOARGs out there, but nothing that’s got the playerbase that’d make me feel as if I were really playing with the whole world the way POGO did.

But damn, if somebody came out with a Star Wars MMOARG? I’d play it!

Is there any IP that would get you into MMOARGs?

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Being overweight would get me into the genre. Actually played Pokemon for the light exercise.

Jim Bergevin Jr

Nope. I’ve tried plenty of games from different genres and only one has been able to stick with me – Legends of Callasia. It is the only one I have played that you don’t slam into a pay wall of some sort, and the controls aren’t like trying to drive one of those miniature tricycles down a busy interstate highway.

There are just certain types of games and genres that are just not going to translate well into the mobile experience. Some things are simply better left on the PC.

Brown Jenkin

I played PoGo and am currently enjoying Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Frankly for me it boils down to gameplay. I think both games are excellent, but that the MMOARG genre is still growing and has lots of room for progress. Interestingly I think PoGo setting-wise came off way better than Harry Potter did. PoGo’s game setting fit really well with Niantic’s exploring and capturing stuff model.

Rodrigo Dias Costa

Pokemon already is the best IP to attract my attention (I’ve played every Pokémon mobile spin-off they’ve put out), so I think there’s nothing else that could make MMOARGs more interesting for me.

I like the idea to play a game within the real world map, but I’m just not into having to actually move myself for this. A game more like Parallel Kingdom would be the best.

Kero Kero

Not from Niantic. It isn’t interesting or engaging. It’s all tedious chores. They have the same formula and it doesn’t do anything for me.

Carlo Lacsina
Carlo Lacsina


“Is he kidding?”

Bryan Correll


Castagere Shaikura




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Paragon Lost

Nope, no interest in playing anything on mobile. Why would I want to return to playing games on a small cramped device with crappy controls and tiny screens? Why?