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Gunslingers arrive in Blade & Soul today after a lengthy maintenance

Patch 3.4 hits the live servers for Blade and Soul today, and that means it’s time to get your gun and start shooting everything within range. (Guns are a kind of blade, if you stretch the definition of “blade” to the breaking point.) Seriously, there will be so much shooting for Jin and Yun characters. But even if you have no interest in playing the new class (you even get an extra character slot for it), there’s plenty more to do with the patch.

Crafting has undergone several revisions, and the Tower of Memory event dungeon is running again until October 18th. Players can also explore a variety of system changes to make legendary weapons and soul shields much easier to pick up, along with several reductions to weapon upgrade costs. Still, the centerpiece is going to be the Gunslingers, so get ready to hear a lot of firepower unloading in the lower levels as players start moving through the game with pistol in hand.

Servers are down right now and should be down most of the day until they’re back with the patch!

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Blade & Soul’s Soul Fighter update is live today

The Soul Fighter does not actually fight souls in Blade & Soul. No more than any other class, anyhow. It mostly fights with soul, and that’s “soul” in the “glowing spiritual energy” sense rather than “deeply moving ballad” sense. You could check out an overview down below, or you could just jump in and start making with the fighting in the game, because the patch is live today.

If you’re already perfectly happy with your current class, the patch also kicks off the third PvP season along with the Hongmoon Training Daily Challenge, along with various quality-of-life improvements. Mostly it’s about being a Soul Fighter. And really, who doesn’t want to fight with one’s soul at multiple different ranges? Blade Fighters, presumably, and they’re not actually a class.

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Black Desert’s Musa and Maehwa class have arrived

If your enjoyment of a game hinges upon how many different classes you can choose between, Black Desert is getting just a bit more enjoyable today with the addition of the Musa and the Maehwa. The two classes are gendered mirrors of one another, with the Musa focusing a bit more on AoE attacks whilst the Maehwa emphasizes single combat, but both pair melee combat with archery.

Obviously, the new classes are the major focus of this particular update, but players can also look forward to new costumes in the cash shop, improved travel loop functionality, and several monster changes included alongside the new classes. But really, aren’t new classes enough for you? The servers should be up right now, so if you don’t have to worry about something like school or work, you can try ’em out right now; we’ll be hosting our own stream of the game today at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

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Blade & Soul’s Chinese version is getting the Qi Master

There’s a little more time before Blade & Soul releases here in North America, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look forward to the future of the game. Chinese players who are enjoying the game are going to have access to a new class this month, for example, and that’s probably coming over to North America eventually. After launch, anyway.

The Qi Master is a hybrid class that exists between the Force Master and the Kung Fu Master. Unlike other classes, it jumps between two different stances, using Tai Chi as an inspiration for its pattern of weaving ranged elemental damage in with vicious physical strikes. You can check out the class in action in a video just below, if you want to use both magic and might to pound your opponents silly.

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Perfect Ten: The 10 dev stages of every new MMO class

Any game with classes adds new classes over time. It’s almost axiomatic. I don’t know why absolutely every game cannot be designed with the classes that the designers want from day one, and I really don’t know why I can’t say that, look at a brand-new game, and still find myself immediately asking about when I get new classes. I was speculating on new classes for Star Wars: The Old Republic when it had been out for two weeks for funk’s sake.

But whatever game you’re playing, there’s a pattern to these new classes being added. It’s an inevitable pattern, one that happens time and again. It’s also a pattern that fits nicely into an article structured around the titular number of bullet points, which is really good for me because I apparently cannot rename the column to “Perfect Seven-And-A-Half” for a week. This is also why I still haven’t gotten a drinking game in here.

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Skyforge begins second closed beta on March 24th

If the first week-long test of Skyforge just whetted your appetite, you’ll be able to get a second helping very soon. The game is kicking off its second closed beta test on March 24th; previous participants will be welcomed back and joined by new invitees. Even if you’re picking up where you left off, there’s plenty of new content in the second test to try out, starting with four new classes for you to unlock and use.

Aside from trying out Archer, Necromancer, Kinetic, and Slayer, players will have access to a new open world zone in Naori Island, 8v8 Superiority PvP, two new squad adventures, a new five-person dungeon, and the new CUBE-style instance dubbed Nedder Test Area. There will also be special PvP events taking place during the two weeks of testing. Would-be players who aren’t lucky enough to get into the tests but still want to participate should consider picking up a Founder’s Pack, which provides definite access to this and all future betas.

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