Fans start a Save Asheron’s Call campaign

Call and answer.

The writing is on the wall for Asheron’s Call — or is it? Some fans are hoping that it’s not too late to change the minds of Turbine and Standing Stone Games before the MMO is shut down for good at the end of January.

A “Save Asheron’s Call” campaign has begun on Facebook to convince Turbine to keep the lights on or release the game and its rights so that another party can operate it. The fledgling movement is looking for a leader to organize and drive the effort.

The campaign is asking all fans to write in to Turbine as soon as possible: “Everyone please take a moment to consider submitting a feedback ticket via the WB support page. Implore them to reconsider releasing the code. If enough of us offer impassioned pleas, they may relent.”

Source: Facebook. Thanks Johnny!
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