The Daily Grind: Do you like sharing player rage stories in MMOs?


We’ve all partied with them. The people who could take the simplest mechanic and screw it up. Players who think that “don’t stand in the bad” means “grab every bit of bad for myself and myself alone.” In Final Fantasy XIV, it’s the Bard who stacks when targeted by an AoE but runs away from the group when finally targeted by one where stacking is required. It’s the Death Knight who provokes after queueing as DPS in World of Warcraft. The Sniper who never enters cover in Star Wars: The Old Republic. You get the idea.

If you’re grouped with them, you probably will complain to your friends. But will you share it on a larger stage?

A subreddit I browse semi-regularly is in the middle of having a discussion about precisely that, whether posting these sorts of “look at this awful player” threads do more harm than good. Personally, I tend to think that they’re ultimately a negative thing, reinforcing an attitude of elitism and shaming instead of trying to teach people or just moving on. At the same time, I can understand people putting it forth as a cathartic exercise or just for a few moments of humor. So what about you? Do you like sharing player rage stories in MMOs?

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