The Daily Grind: Do you like sharing player rage stories in MMOs?


We’ve all partied with them. The people who could take the simplest mechanic and screw it up. Players who think that “don’t stand in the bad” means “grab every bit of bad for myself and myself alone.” In Final Fantasy XIV, it’s the Bard who stacks when targeted by an AoE but runs away from the group when finally targeted by one where stacking is required. It’s the Death Knight who provokes after queueing as DPS in World of Warcraft. The Sniper who never enters cover in Star Wars: The Old Republic. You get the idea.

If you’re grouped with them, you probably will complain to your friends. But will you share it on a larger stage?

A subreddit I browse semi-regularly is in the middle of having a discussion about precisely that, whether posting these sorts of “look at this awful player” threads do more harm than good. Personally, I tend to think that they’re ultimately a negative thing, reinforcing an attitude of elitism and shaming instead of trying to teach people or just moving on. At the same time, I can understand people putting it forth as a cathartic exercise or just for a few moments of humor. So what about you? Do you like sharing player rage stories in MMOs?

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Zen Dadaist

If I’m chatting to friends who play or played at somepoint the game I’m playing, and therefore would have context and understanding, and if I think they might find it humorous and I’m trying to vent out some of the rage that’s been induced – then I will. I won’t normally name names (unless it’s for a “do not team with character XYZ for dungeon ABC ever ever ever if you see them!”) but will give a running commentary on exactly what fuckups are happening. I may even chime in with a “you won’t believe what some PUG mage did in a boss run last week…” comment on a communal vent post. But that’s about the extent of it.

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Tobasco da Gama

Completely agreed, Eliot. Callout threads like that accomplish nothing positive that a polite “PSA: Don’t stand in the bad” thread wouldn’t accomplish just as well.


No,No, In WoW it’s always the Hunters, always something to do with the Hunters

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Nah. I’m a big proponent of the idea that “where you put your focus affects the kind of life you experience”.

I try not to spend my time on “dark side” pursuits, because there’s enough of that stuff in the world already, available for free whether you want it or not, and darkness tends to breed and fill up your life, if you encourage it.

My experience, anyway,


I may joke about it or poke fun with my wife who is sitting next to me also in game, but I don’t generally bother typing, or speaking up in voice chat the few times I am on chat. I see no reason to make someone else feel bad, unless they insult me first.

Oleg Chebeneev

I enjoy recieving and sometimes sharing hate mails after PvP, especially in games with hardcore PvP and full loot. Its where they are the most delicious. Like this one from Project Ascension (FFA PvP WoW with dropped loot):

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Pedge Jameson

I looked that up, Classless??


Noooo. No no no. Rage videos/stories about gamers make me pretty disgusted that people would be that fierce and vitriolic and petty over a video game in the comfort of their own home.

Robert Mann

There’s only one time: When some foolish person tries to engage in a PvP attack against me and just stinks.

I will go out of my way to help people learn to play better, or even overcome difficulties with controls/attention. I hate shaming for those things.

But if you are going to attack me, with better equipment, and I am destroying you… then I feel it is fair to let everyone I am on voice with know that you are not good at this. After all, they are likely to get surprise attacked by you eventually. They should know that you’re not worth worrying too hard about.

So… thanks for the stories, random sandbox players with swords that my shovel hath slain!


… Reminds me of when, shortly after WotLK was released, a trio of death knights in PvP gear decided to attack my PvE-geared paladin.

My usual reaction when someone attacks me outside battlegrounds or arenas is to just let them kill me without fighting back, but those DKs were really laughable. Granted, I was a couple levels higher than them and in a tanking spec, but it was 3 on 1, I suffered a disconnect in the middle of it all, and the only moment those DKs managed to get me below half health was when I got disconnected; when I logged back and saw they hadn’t managed to kill me yet I decided enough was enough and proceeded to wipe the floor with them.

Castagere Shaikura

I have so many stories i could write a book. But i only shared them with guildies or real life friends. Probably why i don’t do group content in mmo’s anymore.

Bryan Correll

I’ll tell guildies, but that’s about it. Or MOP readers if it’s a really good story. And by good I mean humorous, not angry.