Guild Chat: Damage control after MMO guildmate poaching


Welcome along to another edition of Guild Chat, the column through which I gather the Massively Overpowered readers together to help me tackle a guild-related issue. This time, reader King wants to know how to stem the steady flow of his guild ranks into another guild’s after some recent hype in-game started the poaching off. King mentions that he feels that the guild was running fairly well until another guild leader joined his usual runs as a PUG and people started becoming interested in his tales of great success on Discord. Feeling that the grass was most definitely greener on the other side, what started off as the reciprocal filling of gaps for one another’s guilds has become a spot of member poaching.

You’ll find King’s full submission below alongside my response as to how to deal with this poaching problem once and for all. As ever, King and I would both greatly appreciate your advice and would love to see it in the comments section.

I started bonding with another guild leader and it is proving to be terrible for my guild. I needed some spots filling and posted up ads to that effect, and a seemingly nice fellow guild leader offered to bring his alts to our runs if we would do the same for any gaps he had. This worked well for a number of runs and we got close until he started telling stories about his solid main runs and easy full clears. This is when our members started to jump ship and went to his guild and just left us with alts for our main run, which basically killed our progress dead. I am furious that he is using us as a recruitment pool especially since he only takes our best and I want to prevent the tide of leavers as much as possible.

Cut the co-dependency as soon as possible

The most obvious first step to take to reduce the number of players jumping ships is to cease your co-dependent relationship with the other guild leader and focus on strengthening the team you have left. Although your progress will be slower and the contact between your guild and theirs is already well established, you can minimise the ease of poaching by reducing your need of the other guild and also the feeling that they are the superior choice. If you can’t cut it on your own, it makes the poacher’s guild seem like the simpler and most obvious choice: Your members might as well join the guild that is holding up your bootstraps.

Think about it this way: If you were a contractor working for a local company and making modest yet rapid gains in lead generation and customer capturing with the help of a larger firm that was moving in on your company’s area, and then you were offered the opportunity to join that new firm, you’d consider making the leap. If the other guild is offering more reliable results without much effort or upheaval on your members’ part, the jump will seem like a no-brainer. It’s not personal and you shouldn’t feel betrayed or upset by the jumping you’re witnessing: Remember that when you’re dealing with people’s hard-to-find leisure time, people will often take the most direct or effective route to fulfilment.

Ending the co-dependency means not using the leader — or his guildmates — in your runs for the foreseeable future and also pruning away any alts they have in your ranks if you feel that those characters have not been left with you for the purpose of meaningful engagement. If this leaves your roster too sparse to run your desired content, feel free to do as you did before and advertise for casual players to join you. The rift might sting and some tempers may fray at the loss of talented players from your talent pool, but their investment in your progress and activities is low to none if their main focus is on another guild. Keep it civil and factual: Explain that players will be stretched too thin if they try to run with both guilds indefinitely.

Do a guild health-check while you’re taking stock

After pruning your roster and making a clean, civil break, you’ll find it is the perfect time to take stock, correct any guild management issues that might exist, and improve on your guild administration where relevant to you and your guild. Your roster has shrunk and this gives you some quieter time to fix anything that previously wasn’t quite up to standard without upsetting the regular running of your guild at peak. Virtually every guild can improve on its organisation or offer more events and connection between its members, so gather your officers and have a good brainstorming session.

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to check out my recipe for a successful guild: I’d suggest making your remaining roster a more cohesive unit by creating a guild ethos or mission statement that refocuses everyone on your common goals, looking at your officer ranks and general permissions, and reaffirming that the direction you’ve set for your guild is one that suits its members and leaders. There’s always room for improvement in even the best guilds and this prep work will pay off in the long run as you come back from the losses caused by poaching.

An important administration check that you’ll need to do is to consider the bulk of your roster and how they fit into your future plans. Now is the time to recruit the up and coming members of your roster up into your regular content teams (if you structure things that way, of course) and ensure that every member is offered the opportunity to engage in meaningful activities with your guild. Consider the gaps in your roster and build a picture of how readily your ranks can be refilled and with what sort of player you plan on doing so.

Begin recruitment before you stagnate

Once you have redefined your guild and have made clear the division between your guild and the poaching guild, it’s time to begin recruitment again. The biggest risk your guild faces at this point is stagnation caused by the roster shrinkage, so opening up the books after fully appraising what sort of players you need and how they’ll fit into your content framework is a critical step in getting over the poaching. If your remaining roster gets a whiff of the guild winding down operations, you’ll lose more players once again and will soon end up with a skeleton of a guild, so be proactive about your advertising and get creative.

I highly recommend pairing organic recruitment — engaging with and attempting to recruit suitable PuGs you add to your content runs — with advertisement across the available in-game channels for your MMO of choice and perhaps even out of the game on game forums or a dedicated guild website. How you choose to do this is up to you: My general advice without knowing your game or guild type is to cater your recruitment to the style of play you envision and don’t make applying overly taxing on the applicants.

In my experience, unless you are running one the top high-content guilds on your server — and I’m supposing that isn’t your aim if you are a victim of player poaching — you don’t need to go to massive effort designing a complex application system with a sprawling questionnaire. Keep it simple: If you cannot clearly communicate it over PM, either revise your message or keep a simple, clean guild website with the needed information in as easy to digest a format as is possible. If any officers or friends are helping you with recruitment, ensure they know the methods you are using and apply the process consistently.

Over to you!

It’ll be difficult to put aside any ill-feeling and rebuild your ranks, but if you plan well and manage to prevent stagnation then your roster will undoubtedly recover with a little time and effort. Good luck with the recovery process, King!

Have you ever fallen prey to a guild poacher? How did you react, and were you able to fix the situation? Let King know your take on this in the comments below.

Many thanks to King for this week’s submission. If you would like to see your guild-related query or dilemma featured in Guild Chat, email me your submission for consideration.

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Sounds like the grass wasn’t so green for the guild. Can’t fix people resting on yesterday’s accomplishments . One guild spent a year building up membership and then just stopped… not even logged into game or checking in with troops/ organizing events. never understood that one when the leader resorted to fbombs because things were going well and he came back to a ghost town.

Also can’t fix guild mates that change games or guilds with no loyalty even if they go to a worse place/dead server. All you can do is keep a spot by the campfire if they wander back and not be a prick.

Andrew Sammon

Again the answer to any problem in an MMO has been solved by City of Heroes…
Why don’t guilds in other MMO’s have the function of coalitions like in CoH?


One big problem CoH didn’t solve… how to not get shut down.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

I went through something like this back in Vanilla Rift.
I was GM of the biggest Guardian guild on the server and we brought some players from another guild to our weekly Greenscale’s Blight raid and eventually there was some drama with the other guild (they were elitist dicks) and they poached a few of our better raiders.

In the end it was a bad move for them as well because without us they couldn’t fill a raid and eventually their guild exploded.

Good times.


I’ve seen this happen a couple times and it always sucks. But as has already been said, don’t take it personally. Regular members, like regular employees, will always have an eye and ear out for a leg up so movement among the membership should be expected over time. Plus friends will follow friends.

Loyalty is a valuable quality that is cultivated but you need to have clear eyes about the motivations of your members, especially your officers. If officers are jumping ship as well as the rank and file, then you have a much bigger guild management issue that needs immediate attention. Check with someone you trust to give you good feedback about how things have been, and be open to changing things up. Change can be a great catalyst for fresh blood so capitalize on it.

Danny Smith

If people left your guild they left for a reason. It sucks but you gotta ask why instead of try and play a blame game. Most common reason is probably just more fun with others, so that makes you the signifier here, why were you holding the fun back?

The Weeb formerly known as Sray
The Weeb formerly known as Sray

One thing I think list is missing is a conversation with the man in the mirror: if this ither guild leader was able to poach a bunch of your core membership, in all likelihood your leadership has in some way caused that. It’s one thing to say this other leader got chummy and stole people, but you have to ask yourself why they left, and what part did you play in that. Unless the other leader was flat out bribing them away, then there had to be stuff going on in the guild that they were unhappy with (or at least found unsatisfactory). You want to talk to the remaining members a find out what they’re feeling, but that’s often best to do after you’ve already done a personal assessment of your leadership. Some things you might be able to work on (exame: needing to be more inclusive of new members, more flexible raid times etc) and some you might not be able to (example: some perfectly good guild leaders are terrible raid leaders surrounded by others who are just as bad at it or don’t want to do it).


This – people wouldn’t be leaving unless something is amiss in your own guild. You don’t ‘own’ your guild members. Figure out what’s wrong (and from my experience it is indeed often something to do with leadership style), and fix it.


Also, people will follow a successful and charismatic leader. If you are neither of those things, then it is clear why they jumped ship. When you start recruiting again, perhaps shift to the “building” conversation rather than talking about the “progress” conversation.

Bryan Turner

Find this guy in real life and poach his family and friends, leave a ransom note that says release my guild members or you’ll never see your loved ones again hahaha bwuhahahahaha!

I’m kidding by the way.

Kickstarter Donor

Good thing you added the last sentence because, you know….the internet.

Bryan Turner

Exactly, everyone has Aspergers online when only reading text.