Fortnite counts almost 80M players per month as the Fall Skirmish boots up

Sure, great, whatever.

Still snubbing Fortnite as a kids game? You’re not alone, but you’re definitely in the minority. It turns out that Epic Games has roped in a tremendous number of players: 78.3 million in August alone, which Epic says was the game’s “biggest month yet.”

As Polygon notes, that’s now bigger than Minecraft’s monthly headcount. It’s not bigger than League of Legends’ 2016 stats, but we don’t know about League of Legends’ current playerbase size. We do know that League of Legends’ Twitch watching has fallen at least in part due to Fortnite’s popularity and “cannibilization” of the genre. And LoL slipped a bit this past July, losing its top ranking in terms of PC revenue to Dungeon Fighter Online (which is a mega-game in China).

Meanwhile, Fortnite itself has today kicked off its next big thing: the Fall Skirmish, a community-wide competition with some huge cash prizes for the winning teams.

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Nate Woodard

They count 80 million until the next flavor of the month game releases and then they sue/blame other games for stealing their ideas all the while failing to keep their supposed playerbase. Wow. We’ve seen this before, haven’t we?!

Kickstarter Donor

And all the “true gamers” playing “real games” are sobbing, while logging into their MMO with 2k people on a good weekend.


It is a phenomenon. Something that can’t be explained. No, really. Even with all the reasons stated many times, it’s easy to play, anyone can win, etc. etc. nobody predicted this. Nobody.


I’ve watched some of the gameplay and it doesn’t look fun at all.

At least to me.



And thats why we cant have good things…

Fred Douglas

Definitely one of the first times I’ve felt like a bitter old man. I just don’t get the appeal of this game at all.

Sally Bowls

We may not know how this 78.3M compares to LoL, we do know that it is less than 40% of the MAU that Ten Cent’s mobile clone of LoL hit.