SuperData July 2018: Fortnite is peaking, League of Legends is bested, Overwatch is slipping


Fortnite’s peak may be behind us,” SuperData asserts in its report on July 2018’s global video game revenues. “Fortnite revenue is up only 2% from June. Growth was modest despite Epic releasing Season 5 of the game’s battle pass midway through the month.”

One the PC side, it looks like Dungeon Fighter Online has surged to boot League of Legends from the top slot since last month (not the first time that’s ever happened, but it’s not common). PUBG dropped quite a bit too, as did Fortnite, but the top 10 is still the top 10, just shuffled around. The same is true of mobile, with only two games swapping places. It’ll be interesting to see whether World of Warcraft has a good showing in next month’s report, which should include the Battle for Azeroth launch.

On console, Fortnite remains king, though Grand Theft Auto poked up to #3 with the After Hours update and Overwatch has dropped from the top 10, helped along by the re-entry of No Man’s Sky – on console, mind – with its “best month since launch,” counting 2M players and $24M in revenue cross-platform.

Overwatch revenue continues to slide despite consistent playerbase,” argues the firm. “Overwatch additional content sales across all platforms declined year-over-year and sequentially from June. On the other hand, monthly active users increased due to a free-to-play weekend and the release of a new playable Hero.”

Source: SuperData

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