Harry Potter: Wizards Unite holds an in-app drawing to buy tickets to the game’s fan festival


Evidently, the popularity of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is large enough to hold a fan festival in Indianapolis. Not only that, but Niantic is looking to grant players a chance to buy a ticket to this fan festival with a drawing from within the app. Yes, you’re entering a drawing to purchase something, not win something. Weird, I know.

Entering this drawing is a simple matter of clicking the Events button from within the game and clicking on the Enter Drawing link for the fan festival in question. Tickets are limited to a single day admission in order to limit the number of attendees for the best play experience, likely in an effort to prevent another payout for mishandling a festival.

As for the fan festival in question, it will be held on Saturday, August 31st, and Sunday, September 1st, at White River State Park in Indianapolis. The event promises exclusive Special Assignments and unique encounters and Oddities, including regional Dragons like the Welsh Green or the Antipodean Opaleye. Certain types of Dragons will only appear in certain parts of the world, but they will all be at the fan festival first.

If you’re not inclined to enter a drawing to buy something, you’ll still be able to participate in the festival remotely. Details for how that will work are promised for the near future.

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