RuneScape announces a more flexible double XP weekend, Premier Club 2020, and several game updates


If it’s Monday, it’s a RuneScape news bundle! Enough of the cute lede, let’s get started:

  • Double XP Weekend is coming back, but this time with a new twist. Players can simply login between Friday, November 22nd, and Monday, December 2nd, to take advantage of a total of 36 hours of double XP whenever they want. The moment you arrive is the moment the counter ticks down and any unused time will disappear, but at least you now have some more flexibility.
  • The Premier Club membership is back and on sale for 2020, offering interested fans a gaggle of goodies for signing up. Naturally, the most freebies are dished out to the $80 Gold tier, though every tier gets access to the Bright Inquisitor armor, the Premier Artefact, and the Premier tier of the Yak Track pass.
  • RuneScape itself has gotten some updates as well, including a fix for the buff bar that was released this past Tuesday, a fix for inaccessible action bars, and a number of other adjustments for both the PC and mobile version of the MMORPG.

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