Fortnite’s Travis Scott concert draws in a record 12.3M concurrent and 27.7M total players


It seems like Fortnite players are more than eager to attend a free in-game concert. Earlier this week we wrote about a performance with rapper Travis Scott that would be taking place several times over this weekend in the battle royale shooter, and already people have shown up in droves with 12.3 million concurrent players according to a tweet from the game.

All told, the performance is far more than just an animated avatar miming along to a pre-recorded song, as the venue often changes into a variety of psychedelic landscapes coated in neon colors while a gigantic hologram of Scott performs. It’s visually arresting if nothing else, and for fans of the rap artist, it’s probably one of the coolest things out there.

There are a couple of posted videos already out there, neither of which features someone capable of staying put for very long or keeping things in-frame very well. We’ve embedded the least awful of the two we’ve found below. And if you’d rather see the show in-game, there’s still some time to do so, though the second performance has run into a couple of technical glitches.

April 28, 2020
Epic has now announced that the whole event pulled in 27.7 million unique players over the course of its multi-day run.

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