Red Dead Online celebrates Halloween with a new game mode, new legendary panthers, and a new pass


Things are getting spooky in Red Dead Online as the Halloween season is arriving in full force. One of the marquee features is a new Dead of Night mode, where four teams score points for taking down risen dead to score as many points as possible while also fighting one another. There are also two new legendary panthers prowling the wilds known (appropriately enough) as the Nightwalker and the Ghost; those who bring in each panther’s pelts to Gus will get a healthy cash reward as well as corresponding cosmetics.

Speaking of cosmetics, there’s a new Halloween-themed pass with 20 ranks’ worth of rewards, from emotes to photo studio backdrops to gothic decor for your Moonshine Bar. There are also some discounts for a variety of the game’s vendors and a bundle of free in-game items for those who link their Rockstar Games Social Club account to their Prime Gaming account. It all runs between now and November 16th.


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Undead Nightmare is one of the most revered things rockstar has ever done, so obviously in rdr2 it’s gonna be a time limited pvp mode?


I don’t know why they’re SO focussed on pushing us into PVP in games where the majority of players spend their time doing PVE stuff…


Beside the random hacker open world pvp is pretty rare compared to gta online. It’s hard to tell how popular the playlist activities are, but my understanding is that rdro isn’t that great as a pvp game from a technical level.
I don’t mind them doing event based pvp hoppers, but this seems a bit tonedeaf when you consider that so many people have asked for an undead nightmare 2, not just from this game, but I regularly see it brought up as a suggestion for almost every open world game.