Phantasy Star Online 2 collabs with model kit line Frame Arms Girl and readies some New Year’s events


It’s time for some Phantasy Star Online 2 events! The MMO is introducing some limited-time fun thanks to the arrival of the new year and a collaboration with model kit line turned anime Frame Arms Girl. Because anything can become an anime. Anything.

On the subject of the collab, that comes by way of an AC Scratch Ticket that has accessories and items inspired by the IP like the 120mm Low-recoil Gun or the Evolution Device: BASELARD G. The unique Scratch Ticket goodies will be available until January 20th.

As for the New Year’s celebrations, those are set to kick off on January 1st, with festive decorations in the Shopping Plaza, the opportunity to fight against Nyau for some rare drops, a dragon costumed Rappy to find while exploring Arks for various goodies, and a host of other things to see at the Plaza. The New Year’s festivities will also be wrapping up on January 20th.

source: press release

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agemyth 😩

I wish this game wasn’t such an online creep magnet.


wee more cross over event for people to open their wallet for PSO2 is like Genshin impact a money sink just get get a new skin or charter bleh I rather they have monthly sub and let me get all shit doing ONLY ingame quests.