ArcheAge’s latest events feature a chance at cute convertibles and returning animal onesies


ArcheAge is apparently trying to get as adorable as possible with its pair of major events this week, both of which are full of cute animal-themed items that could see players driving around an animal-faced convertible van while wearing a kitty onesie. MMORPGs are very serious, you guys.

For players who can’t live without a onesie, the Furious Pet Institution event is back, which offers pet tokens that can be used to buy a cat onesie or dog onesie. Tokens are earned by taking out Meow Commanders or Woof Commanders, with extra possible goodie drops for defeating these fur-ious foes. This event runs from now until April 13th.

As for the convertible, that’s associated with the ArcheLand 2023 event, and there are a number of hoops to jump through here: Players can get daily treasure keys to open chests found around Mirage Isle, which award one ArcheLand Coin along with other rewards. Three of these coins can then be used to purchase an ArcheLand Crate, which has an extremely rare chance – 0.30% to be specific – at one of three of the aforementioned vehicles or various other items. This event also runs until April 13th.

Meanwhile, the sandbox’s latest pach that introduces level and equipment point restrictions for joining instance teams, further stops NPCs from disappearing when there are a lot of players around, reopens the Skyfin Nest Arena, and makes a host of item changes, among other things.

source: official site (1, 2, 3)
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