MMOARG Orna’s sixth anniversary celebration turns devs into boss mobs


Everyone loves a birthday bash, but MMOARG Orna’s bash offers a unique twist of the dev variety. For its sixth Ornaversary, the game will include a Northern Forge Studios-themed Arisen Waygate, essentially a public dungeon that anyone can portal to, which will allow players to battle against bosses based on the members of the development team themselves. These bosses basically have infinite health and function as a high-score list where you can fight every so often to add to your total damage count.

It’s all in good fun, as the devs have been bosses before and welcome being loot piñata-ed for player amusement and “exclusive loot and eternal glory.” Of course, there’ll be other bonuses during the May 22nd-May 24th event along with teases for future content too.

During the birthday celebrations, players will be able to get bonus xp, gold, and Orns, plus double End of Dungeon rewards, which means those of us sick enough to tackle Endless Dungeons need to balance out what we think we can gain from a long run vs., well, playing it safe with one of the more approachable modes.

While those are pretty nice bonuses, studio founder Odie teased even more: “Coming soon will be some new game features including a fresh and tremendously exciting territory control system, called the Conqueror’s Guild. Plus we are ramping up our much requested health and fitness aspects for the game, with an Apple Health integration so that players can measure steps and calories burned directly on their iOS devices”.

MMOARG players familiar with a rival location-based MMO’s PvP and spoofing issues might be slightly leery of the change, but Odie previously told us that “[p]rivacy and safety is paramount in this genre” and the fact that there’s no good way to use the game to stalk another player “is definitely intentional,” as the studio plans to “continue to respect and protect player privacy and safety.” So maybe players will be comforted by the fact that the creator is aware of said rival’s issues and is trying to avoid them – and also putting more effort into its good deeds as it gets bigger, not less (as true for the Apple Health integration). While we wait for those updates, though, we’ll soon be able to bash some virtual devs for their sweet, sweet Orniversary loot!

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