asteroids outpost

Official Site: Asteroids: Outpost
Studio: Atari
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Sci-Fi Survival Sandbox
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Asteroids: Outpost tests out the ore buggy

Classic video game-cum-MMO Asteroids: Outpost is making strides forward in its testing, according to updates on Steam. While the game is in pre-alpha testing with only a “select few” players, the team is able to test systems such as the ore buggy. Unfortunately, they only tell us about it instead of delivering a visual demonstration.

“One of our favorite things we’ve worked on this week is the ore-buggy,” the team posted. “It’s a crazy ride, but a ton of fun hitting a jump in low gravity and flying for a ¼ kilometer. I can see people using their buggy for racing as much as hauling!”

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Atari announces Asteroids: Outpost MMO

This has already been such a weird day for MMOs, so why not this? Atari announced that it’s reviving one of its most famous classic franchises, Asteroids, as a massively multiplayer title developed by Salty Studios.

The new game is Asteroids: Outpost, and according to the official site it’s “an open-world sandbox survival game.” However, instead of building up wooden forts to hold against zombies and creepers, players will be constructing high-tech fortresses on giant space rocks in the solar system.

Players will work with and against each other to explore asteroids, mine precious ores, shoot down incoming rocks, and build bases. Asteroids was originally an arcade game created in 1979 that put players in the role of a spaceship shooting endless waves of the titular entities.

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