Asteroids: Outpost tests out the ore buggy


Classic video game-cum-MMO Asteroids: Outpost is making strides forward in its testing, according to updates on Steam. While the game is in pre-alpha testing with only a “select few” players, the team is able to test systems such as the ore buggy. Unfortunately, they only tell us about it instead of delivering a visual demonstration.

“One of our favorite things we’ve worked on this week is the ore-buggy,” the team posted. “It’s a crazy ride, but a ton of fun hitting a jump in low gravity and flying for a ΒΌ kilometer. I can see people using their buggy for racing as much as hauling!”

Other current projects include finishing the UI, testing the servers, and fiddling with game balance. Asteroids: Outpost is a survival sandbox set in space, in which players mine, build, and fight on these giant floating rocks. It will not have a single-player campaign at launch, although the team said that it might be creating PvE-only servers for those who want to build in peace.

[Source: Steam]
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