cma 2017 wildstar

In a world of self-inflicted wreckage.

Choose My Adventure: Wrapping up WildStar

Writing about WildStar at this point feels weird. Obviously, I just finished up playing the game for this feature for four weeks. It feels fresh...
Such a lovely place.

Choose My Adventure: A high-level venture in WildStar

First and foremost, before I start talking about my last week of adventures in WildStar, I'd like to thank the developers for giving me...
Take me to here.

Choose My Adventure: Poisoning the well in WildStar

It's amazing how some things stick in your mind while others don't. I honestly had forgotten about the whole questline in WildStar that involves showing...
Are we there yet, and no matter what the answer is, why not?

Choose My Adventure: The overwhelming opening of WildStar

Playing WildStar for this week's session was the first time I really felt old. I had failed to account for two things when I got...
In a world of self-inflicted wreckage.

Choose My Adventure: Starting fresh in WildStar

There are times when I've been away from a game for a while that I'm honestly not sure if I remember something correctly. I...
Starting off on the autocratic foot.

Choose My Adventure: Reconsidering WildStar, from pre-launch to now

In order to talk about WildStar, we kind of have to talk about Firefly. And no, not in the obvious way where we talk...