Richard Garriott and Starr Long are literally selling their blood for Shroud of the Avatar

Remember last year back when Richard Garriott raffled off his rat tail to raise money for Shroud of the Avatar? Yeah, good times. Now the Portalarium boss is selling something even wackier: his own blood.

The studio announced the fundraiser during its livestream yesterday, where Garriott and longtime collaborator Starr Long joke about the call where they first discussed selling their blood. “You know, that’s what I like about working with you, Richard,” Long is said to have told Garriott. “I really never know exactly what to expect, but I always know that it’s gonna be crossing at least a few lines of good civil society.”

You can cross that line yourself to pick up one of the new bundles — including a “Lord British Blood Reliquary” or “Darkstarr Blood Reliquary” art piece by Steve Brudniak — on Ebay to the cool tune of somewhere north of $5000, thanks to a built-in reserve price. There’s a ton of digital items and a studio visit included as well.

Sorry, space fans; it’s unlikely any of the blood you’re buying has actually been to space, as the average lifespan of a red blood cell is only a couple of months.

It gets more awesome/weird: They actually do the blood drawing during the stream, around 19 minutes in.

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Take part in a BlizzCon auction for charity starting November 4th

Do you have a deep need to grab some rare Blizzard memorabilia? Do you have a large amount of disposable income? Do you want to support a charity? Do you like piña coladas? The last one isn’t terribly relevant to the BlizzCon Charity Auction that kicks off on November 4th, but the first three are super relevant because that’s what it’s all about: Blizzard memorabilia auctioned off with all proceeds going to charity.

The auctions will run from November 4th until November 13th and include original art from World of Warcraft, Diablo III, and StarCraft II along with a number of signed books, rare plushies, and limited edition laptops. Fans will need an eBay account to bid on the items up for sale; in fact, there’s a full listing of the auction items already available. So go ahead and get your hands on some rarities while supporting a children’s hospital. It’s enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy and get new stuff.