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[AL:MH]Marvel Heroics is a Marvel Heroes column by Justin Olivetti. [Follow this column’s RSS feed]


Into the Super-verse: Marvel’s Avengers feels like Marvel Heroes by way of Destiny

This past weekend, I finally had a chance to actually try out Marvel's Avengers because the game was running its open beta. Certainly I'd already...

Marvel Heroics: The joys of pet ownership

I've always been a sucker for vanity pets in MMOs. It's not just the layer of customization and ownership pride that lugging along one...

Marvel Heroics: Rating Scarlet Witch and Rogue

I'm back with another installment of rating two Marvel Heroes characters that I've leveled up to 60. Last time I looked at Squirrel Girl...

Marvel Heroics: Rating Squirrel Girl and Cyclops

Like many kids who grew up in the 1980s, I developed a deep fondness for action figures, including G.I. Joe and Transformers. I'll never...

Marvel Heroics: My Marvel Heroes wish list

If there's one constant in the gaming universe, it's that every MMO player has a wish list. It's almost impossible to spend any length...

Marvel Heroics: Fighting the inventory blues

Diablo-type games balance on a see-saw of distribution and acquisition; the games explode with loot while giving you limited space to store all of...

Marvel Heroics: Help! What hero should I play?

Superheroes are quite used to hearing cries of distress and pleas for help, but who lends a hand when the caped crusaders need assistance?...

Marvel Heroics: Ten Marvel Heroes resources to bring you from zero to hero

Before a few months ago, the time that I spent in Marvel Heroes was largely uninformed and aimless. I figured it was just a...

Marvel Heroics: How to get the most for free in Marvel Heroes

One of the questions that I received after my debut Marvel Heroes column was, "Can you explain how to play this game for free?"...

Marvel Heroics: Six leveling tips for Marvel Heroes

Welcome to Marvel Heroics, my look at the superhero exploits of Marvel Heroes! Just about half of Massively OP has gotten hooked on this...