pixel starships

Official Site: Pixel Starships
Studio: Savy Soda
Genre: Pixel MMORTS

Pixel Starships is launching on January 6

Fans of retro-themed pocket spaceships rejoice, for Pixel Starships is heading to a worldwide launch on January 6th. The game recently came out in Australia after a period of beta testing stretching back to early November.

Pixel Starships bills itself as “the world’s first total starship management game in an 8-bit massive online universe.” The team ran a successful Kickstarter campaign a while back in which it expressed the desire to create a mobile starship game that would take place on a single, persistent server with regular updates.

You can watch a short trailer for it below to get a feel for what Pixel Starships has to offer.

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Strategy space sim Pixel Starships starts early access alpha this month

If you’re anything like some of us and you’re a sucker for cutaway management games like FTL, Fallout Shelter, and Star Command, then you might be interested in the upcoming Pixel Starships.

Sporting the retro 8-bit design that’s all the rage on mobile these days, Pixel Starships puts players in the role of a captain who has to micromanage a (cute) crew, go on missions, and gradually upgrade his or her ship. What’s even better is that the devs are skewing the title toward the MMO side of the spectrum: “We want to invest in a persistent world similar to World of Warcraft with fresh content and new players making the game alive and exciting for decades.”

Pixel Starships recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign to finish the game’s development. It goes into early access alpha on August 20th, with an iPhone and iPad launch later in 2015. A PC version is slated for next year.

You can check out a couple of Pixel Starships’ videos after the break to get a better feel for this stellar title.

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