Sci-fi starship management MMO Pixel Starships is still in early access but it’s already angling for a sequel


Last year we wondered what happened to Pixel Starships, the intriguing retro-styled starship management MMO from developer SavySoda. For those who don’t remember, the game hit early access back in 2015 after raising Kickstarter funds that same year, followed by a Steam early access release in 2020. We’re circling back around wondering what’s happened since our last checkup, and we have to report that things are getting a bit… off.

First, the good news: The MMO has continued to make a whole swath of updates, with its latest one arriving just last week, adding a galactic council among other things. The game has also since added a themed seasons mechanic, kicked off a spice trade, and applied a whole bunch of feature adjustments along the way.

From there, things start to get a bit muddy. SavySoda has already created a Steam page for the game’s sequel, a 2.5-D version of the game currently described as “a technical platform prototype undergoing internal development,” while a Q&A held in Discord in September also points out that the devs are planning another Kickstarter next year; readers will note here that this marks the game’s third crowdfunding drive on top of the aforementioned 2015 one to get the game running and a second in 2020 to get the Steam version off the ground. Additionally, the game’s Steam store page – which again is now two years old – still estimates early access will take three to 12 months.

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