realms of alanar

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Realms of Alanar wants to make a retro-style virtual fantasy world with your help

If you were creating a sandbox MMO, what would your feature list look like? For one small indie developer, his feature set is everything you’d expect and perhaps a little bit more.

Realms of Alanar is a retro-style, completely free 2-D sandbox that’s being put together by a fan of the genre. While it’s hard to imagine a more simple-looking game, Realms of Alanar’s ambitions are quite complex, including a full-fledged crafting system, a bustling economy, skill leveling, full-loot PvP, controllable territory, horticulture, and player buildings (for starters). The dev said that it’s his ambition to create a virtual world, not just a game.

The developer is asking the community to help both test and make the game. Realms of Alanar is currently in alpha, and you can check out a video of its gameplay after the jump.

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