The Daily Grind: What’s the best MMO to roleplay in as of 2018?

Half an eternity ago, my merry band of MMO PvPers and raiders ran headlong into a gang of roleplayers, and it changed my guild forever. I’ve reminisced before about some of my favorite roleplaying moments in MMOs, many of them in City of Heroes and Star Wars Galaxies, games where the play-your-way pace of the game led to amazing storytelling and impromptu encounters, the kind that make you research obscure planet names, spend hours on the perfect costume, and accidentally stay up until 4 in the morning… typing.

But in the post-SWG, post-City of Heroes era, I dropped out of roleplaying as a core activity. I’m not going to be that jerk on the RP server talking about sportsball, mind you, and I’ll still make sure my toons have appropriate names and sufficient backstory, but I don’t hang out in taverns waiting for something interesting to happen nowadays. And honestly, I’m not entirely sure which MMO would be the ideal home for a roleplayer anyway.

You tell me – what’s the best MMO to roleplay in as of 2018?

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Hyperspace Beacon: The five sins of roleplay in Star Wars The Old Republic (or any MMORPG)

I know that I have complained quite a bit about what Star Wars: The Old Republic doesn’t have, but I still play the game. However, a large chunk of my time is spent roleplaying and creating roleplay-centered events with my guildies. In fact, we held an RP-PvP event last night, and many guilds on the roleplay servers are using this bit of a content lull to increase the number of events they put on. So if you were ever looking to get into roleplaying in SWTOR, now might be the time to do it.

On the topic of our RP-PvP event, I also saw some of the worst roleplay imaginable during this event as well. During a previous post, I talked about a friend who just could not seem to wrap his head around roleplay. I respect that. But there is not understanding roleplay, then there are the things that I saw last night. In fact, many of the things that I saw were so awful that they inspired me to write this article.

If you haven’t guessed it, these are the top five worst things players do during roleplay inspired by last night’s RP-PvP event. I am not going to name shame anyone in this article, regardless of how tempting it is, but it should be noted that none of my examples is from my guildies. If they are reading this, they should know that they are in the clear… for now…

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Massively Overthinking: Let’s take the classic Bartle test

Here’s something you probably didn’t know: Online worlds researcher Dr. Richard Bartle didn’t actually write the Bartle test.

His original research explored, analyzed, and defined the four player archetypes — killer, socializer, achiever, and explorer — but the test based on that paper was created a few years later by Erwin Andreasen and Brandon Downey and named in his honor.

We’ve been talking a lot about Bartle’s ideas’ relevance to modern MMOs in the last month or two, so I thought it would be fun to ask the Massively OP staff and readers to take the test, share their results, and talk about what it all means in this week’s Massively Overthinking.

There are, of course, some caveats.

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