Worlds Adrift update makes ships stronger and the environment more dangerous

In many ways, Worlds Adrift is sailing into new territory for MMORPGs, as there aren’t a lot of games out there that let you customize and create your own airship for exploration. When next week’s Update 0.1.4 arrives, ship building will be more accessible with free-rotating parts.

The patch will also add the ability to temporarily make a ship immune to grappling hooks and craft other light sources than the torch. Stormwalls are going to be even more difficult than before to navigate, and the entire Badlands biome will be stripped of all fuel, making it even more dangerous to visit.

“The damage calculation formula from physics collisions has been revamped,” the team posted. “The ultimate goal is to make ships less fragile, and to reduce the fear in your crewmates’ eyes when a loose part slides around your ship interior. Chain reactions should happen less often now, but this is a work in progress, with a comprehensive damage system rehaul to come in future patches.”

Get the full scoop from the developer’s lips after the break!

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How is this game so far?

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It’s a pretty great open world exploration experience, with a couple caveats. You need to be okay with the game being open PvP, with no safe zones. There is currently still quite a bit of server lag that can result in a frustrating play experience. Both of the previous situations can result in the repeated loss of much of your inventory and your ship. In my case, I don’t need all the fingers on one hand to count my PvP deaths, but I’ve lost count of my deaths due to lag issues and physics glitches.

The game is still undergoing fairly impactful changes and additions to gameplay, as the devs work both toward their vision for the game and balancing the opportunity costs for PvP and other activities.


want to see real open development? follow this game. these guys are legit.

Mark Jacobs

Yeah, I would say I’m rooting for these guys but every time I’ve said that, things have gone badly for the team/game. So I’ll default to a revision of the old theatrical term of “break a leg” to “crash a PC!”

Cuz yeah, from what I’ve seen they have been open, and they definitely aren’t making just another generic MMORPG.


i don’t even p;lay despite having access and these guy impress me with their communications including talking about their warts and hiccups.

wish i could play but the fear of heights is just too strong in this one.

Tempus Thales

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) wholeheartedly supports this update and as the summer retreat comes to an end, we will be back enforcing flight passes to US East very soon.


Know what I was thinking? Glitches Adrift needs a more dangerous environment.