Stardew Valley’s multiplayer mode is about a month away

Ready to go farm with, adventure alongside, and marry your friends? Stardew Valley’s multiplayer mode may be here before you know it. In fact, it could be coming as soon as May.

Lead Designer Eric Barone put out this statement on Twitter this week: “Update on Stardew Valley multiplayer: still making good progress on fixing bugs, if all goes well it should be ready in about a month.”

Back in March, we announced that beta testing and quality assurance had commenced for the multiplayer mode on this popular indie title. Stardew Valley puts players in the role of a young person who takes over an overgrown farm from his or her grandfather. While the land is worked, the player can interact with locals in the community, uncover secrets, and go on fighting expeditions in a mine.

Source: PC Gamer, Twitter
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How the multi-player mode will work? like Minecraft where anyone can make a server or the developer will be the only one who offer servers? i saw LAN option on PC Gamer so that’s mean local multi-player, which is nice.

Maybe it’s time for me to buy this game :-)


Actually a lot more excited about a product like this than the so-called AAA titles and eyecandy P2W traps this website normally gets paid to feature.