Storybricks has closed down


It’s been but a week and a half since we heard official word that Daybreak Game Company was cutting ties with Storybricks, and the situation since hasn’t improved for the emergent AI studio.

In fact, Storybricks announced today that it is closing shop. The team said that it was attempting to “go beyond games” and had put the company up for sale, but no one bought it. The team also said that Daybreak was not to blame: “It was our own decision and Sony Online Entertainment (now Daybreak Games) bears no fault for it. Sony Online Entertainment had been up for sale for a long time so our exit had no connection with the Columbus Nova acquisition.”

Interestingly enough, Storybricks says that it tried to purchase (with investor assistance) SOE when it was up for sale, but Sony Japan offered “unacceptable” terms. If this alternate buyout had happened, the team had planned to continue another studio’s legacy: “It was our intention to try to acquire the 38 Studios assets and made them available to players in [EverQuest Next].”

The good news is that most of the former team members have landed new jobs and that players will still get to enjoy the fruits of Storybrick’s efforts. “[The] majority of the work we have done is about EverQuest Next and is co-owned by Daybreak,” the letter said. “We look forward to the release of EQN.”

[Source: Farewell letter. Thanks to Dan, Paul, Eboni, and Jon for the tip!]
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