H1Z1 finally brings back your corpse as a zombie

Yeeeeet yooooou persiiiiiiist

Death isn’t the end of the road for the H1Z1 population, it’s merely the beginning of something very gross and uncomfortable. According to a new producer’s letter, the team is currently testing out a feature that will turn players’ corpses into zombies (which will need to be killed again to recover their goods).

Other projects that Daybreak is working on include weapon enhancement recipes, boss zombies, survival score servers, and fighting exploiters.

The team said that players struggling with low loot drop rates need to suck it up: “For a long time now, loot has been in a state which wasn’t on par with a survival experience […] I’m sorry if we’ve given you the easy life in the past, but times need to change a bit. In a nutshell, the current loot drop rates are intended. Building a base was never intended to be a simple task.”

Source: H1Z1. Thanks to Kinya for the tip!
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