Tree of Savior debuts new PvP battle mode, extends scavenge challenge


Are you the best Tree of Savior player on your block? Do your friends come over to your house and marvel at your mad Savior skillz? Then it’s time to show your stuff with the game’s newest PvP mode, Team Battle League.

Team Battle League consists of best-of-three PvP arena fights that take place four times each day. Players can fight in 2v2 matches, although only the 5v5 battles will count toward ranked progression. By participating, win or lose, players can earn battle points to spend at a special vendor for desirable rewards such as XP cards.

To encourage players to try out this new mode, Tree of Savior is throwing a Survival and Victory event from now through August 16th that will award bonus battle points. Speaking of events, the game is also extending its scavenge challenge until August 9th to give Johnny-come-latelys a chance to catch up.

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