New Transformers mobile MMO vows to be ‘more than meets the eye’


Could the Transformers MMO that you’ve desired for so many years be finally coming… to mobile?

At ChinaJoy this past week, Hasbro announced that it is partnering up with mobile games developer Kabam to create a massively multiplayer online Transformers title for 2017. The unnamed game, which is touted to be “more than meets the eye,” promises high-def graphics, roleplay features, and some element of strategy. Kabam is a powerhouse mobile developer with several games that have grossed more than $100M each.

Kabam said that the mobile MMO “will be span all of Transformers lore tied to Generations. There will be movie elements, of course, at major beats for all the films over the coming years, but this is a Kabam/Hasbro deal, and not a Kabam/Paramount Deal. [It’s] less movie-centric, but will still be supported with film content when it makes sense.”

Please note that this project is completely separate from Tencent’s Transformers shooter, which was also just announced as a game coming to China.


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