The Daily Grind: Which 2016 MMO shutdown affected you the most?


Every game is someone’s favorite. It might be for silly reasons, but even when games that you barely think of get shuttered, someone is losing a treasured game. And last year saw a lot of shutdowns; we posted yesterday our roundup of everything we lost over the course of 2016, and it’s pretty extensive.

Some of the losses are just for ports, of course; Star Trek Online shuttering its Mac client, for example, or Final Fantasy XI ending console support. And several of the titles lost were ones that have already been discussed in great detail, like the shutdowns of EverQuest Next and Revival. Some of the titles we lost were never even released here, like the somewhat bizarre Civilization Online.

But every shutdown title affects someone, and today, we want to hear from you. Which 2016 MMO shutdown affected you the most? Was it a game you personally liked, one you were happy to see still running, or just something you still had hopes for in the future?

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